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Wetor Car Repair Products born after the union of the experience of over 30 years of a group of professionals in the industry and the automotive after sales.


The main objective is to offer a range of innovative products for our customers, good service and personal attention.


The WETOR brand products are a selection of products and tools, for professional use:


• Maintenance and preservation of car, boat and plane body parts.

• Plastic repair.

• Technical sprays for automobile and aeronautical industry.

• Spray primers, coats and cleaners.

• Anti-Corrosion.

• Windscreen adhesives and sealants.

Q-Bond: Ultra-Strong adhesive with filling and reinforcing particles.

• Innovative Windscreen Replacement Tools.


Wetor Car Repair Products is currently looking for international distributors for various products.


Member Company of the Centre for Automobile Sector Arbitration (CASA), with site in and headquartered at Avenida da República, 44 - 3 Esqº, 1050-194 Lisbon, Portugal.
Empresa aderente do Centro de Arbitragem do Setor Automóvel, com sítio em e sede na Av. Da República, 44-3º Esq., 1050-194 Lisboa Portugal.
About Us




Windscreen Assembly System

This equipment allows a quick and easy installation of the windscreen of most vehicles on the market.

One person only

When properly used, it allows the installation of the windscreen by just one person.

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Reach those nuts and bolts in tight areas with ease by using the patented Tite-Reach™ device.

The Tite-Reach™ was designed to extend out from the nut/bold allowing the 3/8” or 1/4” drive a greater degree of arc and therefore a faster way to tighten and loosen in those hard to reach areas.


Removable Liquid Vinyl

WETOR DIP is an ingenious Spray Wrapping paint with clean and spectacular results.

WETOR DIP is applied as a normal liquid paint, by spray or spray gun. After dry, it transforms into totally opaque, elastic and resistant layer, with a rich vibrant finish, equal to conventional vinyl.

WETOR DIP is ready to use, without the need for a primer or special surface treatment. Just degrease the part you want to customize and DO IT YOURSELF!.

WETOR DIP is also easily removable. Just tear a small corner of the layer and pull: it easily peels off without damaging the vehicle’s original paint.

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Innovative plastic welder with battery, for repairing all types of plastics through stainless steel clips. As a cordless equipment, it allows access to hard to reach areas. It also incorporates a LED for better visibility of the repair area. The different clips may be fitted in 3 different positions.

HANDLING: The cordless design gives you more versatility.

VISIBILITY: The white LED light allows you to position the clip perfectly on the most suitable location.

AUTONOMY: The Nickel metal hydride batteries charge lasts for over 600 stapling operation.

ERGONOMIC: Fits perfectly in your hand for precise control.

SAFETY: Plastifix Pocket has a system of secure connection by pulsing twice the ON/OFF button in less than one second - a solid red LED indicates the equipment is switched-on.

WARRANTY: A program on the printed circuit performs a control of the number of pulses and an automatic shutdown if the equipment overheats.


Ultra Strong Adhesive & Filling Powder

Q-Bond represents the latest technological advancement in adhesives for the repair of almost all types of materials.

Q-Bond consists of a two-component system –adhesive plus filling and reinforcing powders– that, when combined, have unique and insurmountable adhesive, filling and reinforcing capabilities, repairing broken parts, holes, fissures very fast and economically. The treated surfaces may be, if necessary, sanded and painted.

Applications: Vehicles (plastic parts, radiators, bumpers, grids, headlights, dashboards, rear-view mirrors, mouldings, etc. – and engine – caps, water pumps, fuel tanks, etc.), motorcycles, nautical, electric equipment, household appliances, pipes, workshop equipment, DIY, tools, metal industry, all types of machinery, moulds, pool equipment, etc.

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